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Meet the Artist

Hi! My name is Kelly.  Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to stop by.  

I’m a self-employed full time hairstylist but in my spare time I love to create.  In one way or another, Art has always been with me.  In fact, My Mom used to paint; and when I was growing up she came to my elementary school as a guest speaker for some Art History lessons. (Honestly those lessons never stuck with me, haha).

My Journey

I actually started my painting journey as an adult.  It was something I wanted to do to remember my Mom and feel closer to her.  I fell in love with acrylic!

One thing that creating Art does is allow me to let go of those things that I cannot control. I believe we should all have something like this in our lives!  When I mix my paint and pour medium to get ready for a pour session, the stirring action is almost hypnotizing, it has a calming effect.  When I grab my paint brush and prep a canvas for a landscape the process of laying down the base colors gets me excited for whatever may appear next!

Whether I’m in the salon holding my shears, (I’m also a hairstylist), ready for the next haircut or at home with a paint brush ready for the next painting, creating is my passion.

My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from so many things.  Honestly, when you start creating you start looking at everything differently.  You no longer see just a pretty sunset.  You see highs and lows, hues of color, shadows, texture of clouds and the reflection of light on them.  A tree is no longer just a tree, it’s many life cycles and changes of season.  It changes one’s perspective; it is a great thing.

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