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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to receive my items?

A:  I am the sole owner and operator of KC Fluid Expressions and I also spend my days working in the salon. Every effort will be made to get your item in the mail to you ASAP.

  •  Art Prints:  Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping of artwork. When you place your order with me I place the order with my printing company, turn around time for that is about a week. I personally pick up your item and inspect the piece, if there’s a mistake or something not up to my standards I have them re-print it.  When I am satisfied then I personally will pack it up and ship it to you.  This is why I have built in extra time to accommodate for this.  As soon as it is shipped you will receive a tracking number. I normally ship priority so you should receive your package 2-3 days later depending on postal demands.  
  • Jewelry:  This I have on hand so as soon as I receive your order I will pack it up and get it in the mail to you. I ship this priority as well but the day I can get to the post office may vary depending on my work schedule but you should have the item within a week from order date. 

Q: Do you ship worldwide?   

A:  Unfortunately not at this time.  I ship within United States and its Territories only.  I hope to be expanding shipping in the future. Thank you for your patience as I navigate the complexities of shipping outside of the U.S.

Q:  The term “Giclee” is on all art print descriptions; what does that mean and why do I want it? 

A:  Giclee is a technology for fine art or photograph reproduction using a high quality ink jet printer to make individual copies. (Definition supplied by Oxford Dictionary).  Giclee prints are archival quality meaning that they will last for a century or longer with proper care.  It is a solid investment and one that you can ensure won’t be faded in 5 years.

Q:  Do you accept returns?

A:  Yes, please see the policies page for details. 

 Q: Do you accept commissions? 

A:  In regards to paintings I am not accepting commissions at this time.  In regards to jewelry, if you see a style that you like but not in colors that you like please contact me and we can discuss your needs. There will be an additional fee.

Q: What is the jewelry made out of ?

A:  All of the jewelry is a metal alloy which means it’s a blend of different metals and usually a base of copper.  They are, however, all nickel and lead free which means they are considered hypoallergenic.  There’s always exceptions to this and you will have to decide for yourself if it is right for you; and keep in mind if you’re purchasing as a gift.  Please note that I do not make the bases for these pieces. I paint the glass and then adhere the glass to the bases.

Q:  Do you offer framing?

A:  I do not offer framing on the paper prints but I recommend checking out Michael’s stores for framing options.  You can get a great deal with some of their coupons.  Perhaps you have a local framer in your area that can help to advise you.  My prints are printed edge to edge so if you are wanting to put matting around your print please contact me and specify if you need a border added to accommodate for this.  Canvas prints will come stretched over a solid wooden frame.  If you prefer to order the canvas print rolled and have it framed on your own please contact me about that as well. Please note:  This option could possibly lower the cost of the canvas print, but you will have the hassle of finding a quality place to stretch it for you and additional costs with them. If they mess up your print there is nothing I can do and no refunds will be given.


Thank you for taking the time to read these frequently asked questions!  I hope it helps to address any questions or concerns you may have.

  If there’s anything that you’re wondering about don’t hesitate to contact me through my form or call 480-239-0817.  I do screen my calls so please leave a detailed message and I will return your call as soon as possible.